The Valet, aka The Adventures of Will Ferrell while the Scandinavian

The Valet, aka The Adventures of Will Ferrell while the Scandinavian

Book 1 of Hollywood movie/TV series variation

by Bryan Fletcher

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CHAPTER 1, Part 1 “Have a pleasant day.” In Manhattan, ny, Monday, 9:28 a.m., in his ever so cramped bed room under a stairwell, a typical guy called Will Ferrell startles up to a sitting place, and bumps his temple. *** Then, perhaps not saying similar foul term, for three straight minutes, as though a true cuss master, he curses terms wholly unfit for printing, and curses above and beyond everyday foul lips themes; as being a cuss virtuoso, yet high social style, inside a lowbrow talent, a sweet technology of exceptional foul-speak designed to shock and provoke the sensory faculties. *** And yet, if done in a way that is certain it reveals a well-seasoned mind; particular refined judgment, sentiment and flavor, also scholarship—as odd as that sounds—and with a well-crafted mastery of aesthetics, of nature, art, beauty, style, and especially the sublime. *** Will Ferrell, yet his name that is real is Ferrell? No, no, no. David! Is the only name on their birth certificate, one name, as many people only get one title. *** he then rubs his temple, reels, and looks about this cramped apartment: if a person might call it a studio apartment, as it resembles life under a cramped stairwell, and next towards the sleep is just a small faded picture of an old, dark-blue step van, a multipurpose enclosed motor vehicle. *** Then he claims rest, “Yes, and relax.

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